[slideshow_deploy id=’1135′]Welcome to Milkpaintretailers.com a online store just for ordering milk paint products from USA and have then shipped to Australia & New Zealand….Shop for furniture refinishing products like milk paint, waxes, paint brushes and have it shipped right to your door in Australia and New Zealand. Australia’s biggest milk paint online store.

Why select this brand of Milk Paint.

We are very experience in using milk paint…we have been operating a furniture refinishing shop for 10 years and use  the Real Milk Paint® . We have tried a lot of the other leading milk paint brands and found Real Milk Paint®  to be more authentic and beautiful. Just let us show you, see  this vintage buffet  it was refinished with our real milk paint. This paint can create A true authentic chippy finish like no other Milk Paint.  Whether you use it as a wash, full cover coat or stenciling.

Not all milk paint brands are alike.

We tried other brands that produces very poor color consistency. You don’t have to worry about every batch of paint you mix with our powder  will yield  the same color match.  So if you have to mix more powder to finish a project the color will be the same as the previous mix.Buffet painted milk paint

Easy to Use

If you haven’t used Milk Paint before, there are a lots of video tutorials ( see our list in the sidebar of this page) that will guide you through every step so its easy to achieve the look you want.

Environmentally Safe

Dispose of this paint in your garden or yard. Our Formula contains almost one third pharmaceutical grade high calcium line. One of the curing properties of lime is that goes through a process called carbonization. This means that it absorbs carbon dioxide from the air, thus giving you cleaner indoor air quality when used on interior walls.

Non-Toxic – safe around children and pets